Fifth & in Time for Back to School…….

Staples Canada continues its transformation to The Working & Learning Company with the opening this week of its newly renovated store at Dorval Crossing West in Oakville.  The 28,000 square foot location is the second store in Canada to feature Staples Studio, the company's take on coworking.  The Oakville store is the fifth Working & Learning Store to open in Canada, following stores in Kirkland and Laval in Quebec, and Richmond Hill and Toronto in Ontario. The stores demonstrate a completely new retail experience that's modern with clear sightlines to draw the eye throughout the store experience. Customers are encouraged to interact with discovery areas to test and learn curated product solutions.  "We've been a part of Oakville's working and learning journey for 27 years, and want to ensure we are continuing to be a dynamic and inspiring partner by providing thousands of new products, an extensive suite of services and a brand new coworking resource," said David Boone, CEO, Staples Canada. "With our transformation to The Working & Learning Company, our goal is to provide a space for this community, which is full of small businesses, entrepreneurs, teachers and students, to exchange ideas and find ways to reach their next level. Especially as students and teachers gear-up for the back to school season."  The inclusion of Staples Studio, an in-store coworking space, displays how Staples Canada is responding to evolving consumer needs and the desire for flexible working spaces in communities. Start-ups, small businesses and students can access the innovative and collaborative workspace, featuring beautiful lounge spaces, community kitchens, private and shared offices, and meeting rooms fully equipped with modern office furniture and state-of-the-art technology to meet the needs of the ever-growing start-up community.  Access to Studio is available on a membership basis.  The store also features a wellness café by Elxr Juice Lab, its first permanent location outside of Toronto. Elxr provides a full menu that includes healthy salads, breakfast parfaits, treats, hot drinks, cold pressed juices, plant-based milks, smoothies, etc.




Staples Canada Inc., 6 Staples Ave., Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 4W3 (905/737-1147