Launches Quick Service Cannabis…….

After introducing a recreational cannabis retail concept and opening about four stores in Ontario, in September 2020, Chris Jones sold the company and launched a new concept – Cannabis Xpress.  “The main reason behind this sale was that after speaking to customers and looking deeply at the competition, I saw that there is a huge gap in the market for cannabis retailers and customers,” he explained.  “Looking long term and keeping in mind the new rules/restrictions with Covid-19, customers want to get in and out of a store quickly, or not even go inside at all. Additionally, there are too many products that are being sold at stores, and customers end up coming in and being very confused, especially when you have 100+ different flower strains to choose from. This also adds to a long wait, a high labor cost for additional staff to talk to each customer for a long time, and also a large size store because customers are coming in and staying for an extended period of time.”   Modeled like the fast-food restaurant industry, Cannabis Xpress is designed to offer quick service in clean and convenient locations.  The stores will include limited products to select from, adding to an emphasis on speed and convenience.   “The smaller stores will allow us to keep build-out costs low, labor costs low, speed up the time to build and open, and provide better prices to our customers since we have such a low-cost model,” he added.   The first Cannabis Xpress is in the lineup to be licensed and will open at 405 Veterans Dr. in Brampton.  The company’s plan is to have at least five stores open by end of 2021 with another five to ten in various stages of development.  The ultimate goal is to have 15 to 25 stores open by the end of 2022.    Cannabis Xpress units will operate in highly visible 200 to 600 square feet in well populated markets.  The company is prepared to lease or buy premises.


Cannabis Xpress, 405 Veterans Dr., Brampton, Ontario L7A 4Y9 (