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The growing chain of Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill bar/restaurants is actively seeking existing restaurant/bar locations for conversions as well as new-build opportunities. The chain is targeting markets and towns with populations of 30,000 or more.  The franchise chain is in an immediate search for sites in Toronto’s Entertainment District and the area around the Toronto Airport as well as the area around Square One in Mississauga. Shoeless Joe’s is a 34-year old chain with about 30 locations operating, most in the Ontario market. While the chain has formats designed to suit a variety of markets, the current search is for the 5000 to 7000 square foot flagship format, with or without a mezzanine option, designed for larger urban centres. About 4500 to 5500 square foot units are necessary for new-build locations. Seating for at least 80 people and patio are required. Michael Hohnjec and Renee Corrente at MBH & Associates are handling the search.


top_bannerCATEGORY:  Sports Bar/Restaurant
Chain Name: Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill
Company Name:  Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill
Mailing Address: 551 Jevlan Dr., Vaughan, Ontario L4L 8W1
Tel: 905/760-1295                          Fax: 905/265-2672
Email:    Website:
Menu Specialty: Menu include a wide selection of signature items ranging from hand pressed burgers to gourmet flatbreads, wings, sandwiches and wraps as well as steaks and ribs. The menu also includes cocktails, wines and beers.
Introduced:  Fred Lopreiato opened the first Shoeless Joe’s Sport Grill in 1985.
No. of Locations: About 30 in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta.
Areas of Operation:  National
Types of Location:  Power centres, lifestyle centres, core downtown areas, strip plazas, etc.
Business Type (corp., franchise, jv): Corporate & Franchise
Size Req’d:  Flagship format – 8000 to 10,000 sq.ft. & Franchise format – 4500 to 5500 sq.ft., Conversions preferred.
Special Requirements: Seating for 80 or more, Patio, Minimum 30,000 people in the area with a daytime population of at least 25,000.  Average household income in the $60,000 plus range, on main artery with at least 15,000 vehicles per day pass the site. On the PM side of the road, in close proximity to entertainment, grocery, hotels, etc.
Contact Name:  Frank Lopreiato – President
REAL ESTATE REPRESENTATIVES: MBH & Associates, Toronto, Ontario (Michael Hohnjec – 416/432-0260 & (Renee Corrente –416/809-4192
Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill, Vaughan, Ontario
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