Offering Turnkey Operations…..

Operating for almost five years, Crack Me Up is a breakfast franchise that is offering a turnkey operation to independent franchise partners.  Presently the full-service all-day breakfast, lunch and dinner concept numbers five locations in greater Toronto, Hamilton and St. Catharines and is targeting the greater Toronto areas as well as the Barrie, Cambridge and Hamilton markets, in particular, the Hamilton Mountain area.  The restaurants operate in high traffic and highly visible sites in open centres and plazas.  Enclosed malls and mixed-use projects that can offer exterior access are also considered.  The size necessary is in an 1800 to 2000 square range. Gerry Lazar at Top Cats Realty Inc. is handling the site selection for the chain.

top_bannerCATEGORY:   Casual, Breakfast/Lunch Restaurant
Chain Name:  Crack Me Up
Company Name: Crack Me Up
Mailing Address:  Mississauga, Ontario
Tel: 416/419-8299                                   Fax:
Email:                      Website:
Menu Specialty:  Full service breakfast, lunch menu and features an all-day breakfast.
Introduced:   About three years old
No. of Locations: Five locations in greater Toronto, Hamilton, St Catharines
Areas of Operation:  Southern Ontario.
Types of Location:  Plazas, Street front, Malls, etc.
BusinessType (corp., franchise, jv):  Franchise & Corporate
Size Req’d:  1800 to 2000 sq.ft.
Special Requirements (patio, drive-thru, etc): High traffic, outside access, etc.
Contact Name:
REAL ESTATE REPRESENTATIVES:  Top Cats Realty Inc., 251 Consumers Rd., Parkway Place, Suite 1200, Toronto, Ontario M2J 4R3 (Gerry Lazar – 416/464-2271
PARENT COMPANY: Blitz Design & Build, Mississauga, Ontario

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