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L’Oeufrier, a breakfast restaurant concept that was introduced in Laval in 1995 by entrepreneurs Marco Fonseca, Pedro Medina, Tony Khoury and Kevin Henriques, is preparing to open its 25th location at 1231 De La Montagne, between St Catherine and Rene Levesque streets in downtown Montreal next month. In addition, the franchise chain is also preparing to open units in Montreal’s Hochelaga-Maisonneuve area, Cremazie area and Lachine as well as the Varennes area and Trois Rivieres.  And in Spring 2019, the chain anticipates opening its first unit in Quebec City.  L’Oeufrier restaurants are designed to offer a comfortable, homey neighbourhood environment with quality meals, generous portions and top-notch service.  Eggs, pancakes, waffles, French toast, omelets, baked beans, fresh fruit, hash browns and roasted potatoes are all popular menu items. Included in the choices of meals is a daily menu including soup, dessert and coffee.  Generally, the restaurants operate in 2200 to 2400 square feet in plazas and street front locations.  Kevin Fortier and Martine Theriault at Lexia Real Estate have been retained to handle the chain’s site selection. The chain continues to seek locations in various areas in Quebec including Ville St-Laurent, Kirkland, Boucherville, St-Jean-sur Richelieu, Longueil, Granby, Drummondville, Repentigny, St-Jerome, Quebec City, etc.

top_bannerCATEGORY: Breakfast
Chain Name: L’Oeufrier
Company Name: Les Franchises L’Oeufrier
Mailing Address: – 4020 Louis-B-Mayer St., Suite 306, Laval, Quebec H7P 0J1
Tel: 514/668-0399                          Fax:
Email:                                             Website: www.loeufrier.ca
Menu Specialty:  Popular breakfast menu including eggs, pancakes, waffles, French toast, omelettes, baked beans, fresh fruit, hashbrowns,  roasted potatoes, etc.
Introduced: Marco Fonseca, Pedro Medina, Tony Khoury and Kevin Henriques opened the first unit in Laval in 1995.
No. of Locations: 25
Areas of Operation: Greater Montreal/Laval & surrounding areas
Types of Location:  Street front, Plazas, Centres, etc.
Business Type (corp., franchise, jv): 
Size Req’d:
2200 to 2400 sq.ft.
Special Requirements (patio, drive-thru, etc):
Contact Name:
Pedro Medina – Co-Owner, Franchising (514/662-1238)
Lexia Real Estate, 2085-C Marie-Victorin, Varennes, Quebec J3X 1R3 (Kevin Fortier – 514/603-9155 kevin@lexiarealestate.ca) & (Martine Theriault – 514/713-9764 martine@lexiarealestate.ca)
Les Franchises L’Oeufrier, Laval, QC
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