Tea Growth in QC……….

Chatime is a global franchise teahouse chain based in Taiwan. With over 2500 locations worldwide, it is reportedly the largest teahouse franchise in the world.  Chatime was introduced by Henry Wang Yao-Hui in 2003 in Hsinchu, Taiwan, under the parent company La Kaffa Coffee.  Three years later the franchise company launched its international growth and today, the concept is in over 35 countries.   Chatime specializes in bubble teas, signature milk teas, etc. along with unique drink toppings including pearl, grass jelly, coconut jelly, red bean, aloe vera, pudding, etc.  Guests can choose their preferred sugar and ice-levels and can pick a tea beverage from over 100 choices in various categories.  The rapidly growing franchise entered the Canadian market in 2011 with a location in Toronto and currently there are about 70 locations from British Columbia to Atlantic Canada.  In November 2013, Chatime opened in Montreal on St Catherine St. West and has grown to include seven locations in greater Montreal and growth plans are in motion.  The company has engaged Corey Bessner and Matthew Krantzberg of Core Consultants Realty in Montreal to handle the site selection for their Quebec expansion.  Depending on the market and the opportunity, the units will range in size from 300 to 2000 square feet in street front, free standing and inline sites in open malls and centres as well as kiosks locations.


Core Consultants Realty, 1331 Greene Ave., Suite 215, Westmount, Quebec H3Z 2A5 Tel: 514/819-8847 (Corey Bessner – Ext 101 corey@coreconsultantsrealty.com) & (Matthew Krantzberg – Ext 103 matt@coreconsultantsrealty.com)
Chatime Quebec –  www.montrealchatime.com  (info@chatime-qc.com)